Venice, CA

AUG 2018

A little studio visit with Sophie Monet, a wood working jeweler based in Venice Beach, CA. We came over for an afternoon hangout to see Sophie’s latest creations.

We enjoyed the views and the tools and beautiful interiors of the workshop Sophie shares with her father, sculptor John Okulick. The work area is beautifully glistening in materials of different textures, the space and its openness let room for ideas to flow.

Sophie showed us around the space and gave us a peek into her process. The workshop brings lots of room for play and testing new techniques.

Uptstairs are offices that are family shared as well, where her sister runs her business and her own loft space also functions as a showing room.

The time flew by, we were genuinely at ease in this space for creativity.


Megan Baldwin and Maria Piessis  

photos by Maria Piessis
props and set and ambiance and words Megan Baldwin

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